Floris Fiedeldij Dop

Quick bio: My name is Floris Jan Maurits Fiedeldij Dop and I am currently 39 years old (January 21st, 1977) and I live in the Netherlands. I am male, heterosexual, single (divorced). Oh, and I have a cat. There, we have the stupid formalities out of the way.

Around 1993 I became active on the Internet on a daily basis, and I am still proudly addicted to it. I like to browse websites. Actually, I like to design and develop websites as a hobby. Ages ago I had my own web creations studiocompany back in 1999. I like creating online communities, and I like posting on forums that are content-rich.

I am unemployed as I am unfortunate to have albinism. Due to a few quirks that come with it I have daily headaches and shaky eyes which make it impossible for me to fully concentrate on stuff over a longer period of time. The time I can I am using to execute my hobbies or just fucking make it through a day.

My friends are the people and family around me that love and respect me. People who are not my friend are not part of my life. Due to the sensitivity to sunlight I am forced sometimes to spend weeks in a row awake at night and sleep during daytime. Personally I have no problem with this, unfortunately it does make it harder to keep in touch with offline friends and family. Not to mention vacuum clean the apartment without upsetting my neighbours, or doing grocery-shoppings.

Anyway, I am 1,94 meters tall (six four) and I have blond hair and blue eyes. I like horseback riding, (I no longer have horses/ponies sadface). I also like to play the guitar and listen to music; I wish I could play the piano a lot better. I like watching movies and playing games like MineCraft and Monument Valley. If I have time to kill I pick up a television series and devour them back to back.