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Chartering a Jet Versus a Commercial Flight

People think that chartering a private jet for travel is something only business executives, politicians, billionaires, and celebrities can afford. That is not always the case anymore. Comparing the cost of chartering a jet versus taking a commercial flight may surprise the average passenger. Think about it for a minute and consider all the factors. The cost of a ticket on a commercial flight is increasing all the time. Add in the cost of one night in a hotel, a rental car, and meals. That is probable because passengers are required to be at the airport hours before a flight to wait in long lines for security purposes. An early morning flight means travelers have to be close to the airport to get there in time.The next costs to add in are parking, baggage fees, and food for the flight. A vacation means that those added costs are doubled because of the return trip. If passengers live close to an airport, or if they can get a friend to drop them off at the airport, the hotel and car may not be an expense, but that also depends on the time the flight leaves. Commercial flights are scheduled for the airlines' convenience and not the passengers'. Flights can also be delayed or canceled with little or no notice. That will lead to missing connecting flights and more time and money spent. A chartered flight departs when the customers want to leave and they can arrive a few minutes before departure, rather than spend hours in an airport. It just may be as cost-effective to Fly Sky Nexus as it is to take a commercial flight, without any of the hassle or wasted time.Chartering a flight is more feasible if a group is taking a trip together. A family reunion, a bunch of friends going away, a bachelor weekend trip, or a destination wedding are perfect examples of occasions that could be completed for about the same cost as a commercial flight. It would certainly be more comfortable and more fun. There are several types of air craft that can suit the needs of any trip. There are short range helicopters and planes with the capacity to seat one person to eight people. Turbo-prop planes and light jets are available for medium range distances of 1500 to 2500 miles. Large and super-mid jets accommodate up to fifteen people and travel up to 4000 mi