Fiona MacNeill | MSc, FHEA, CMALT

UX, LX, and Accessibility in Brighton, United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm Fiona, a Learning Experience (LX) Designer based in Brighton.

I am a habitual problem solver and a resolute defender of accessibility. I want to make human-computer interaction better for everybody, whether those interactions are in the pursuit of learning (LX) or doing (UX).

I started out as a visual artist and curator, forging interests in wayfinding and audience experience. This led me to LX and UX. I currently apply design and evaluation methods as a Learning Experience Specialist. This involves performance consulting, requirements analysis, design, and creation of learning content. I use evaluation methods to measure the success of this work and to fuel iterative improvements.

I enjoy unpicking complex problems and collaborating with the people who want to solve them.

  • Work
    • Learning Experience Specialist
  • Education
    • Kent Institute of Art and Design
    • University of Brighton