Frank Murray

Project Manager, Designer, and Father in Gatineau, Québec, Canada

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In the late 80's, Frank Murray, an accredited general contractor and successful building materials retailer, formulated a new means of servicing custom home and custom renovation clients. Frank was concerned with the never ending cost increases in residential construction, and the lack of processes to keep costs and expectations in check while ensuring a higher quality of construction. With this in mind, he devised a residential construction project management system that eliminated many of the superfluous contractor profits and that provided custom home and renovation clients with much needed budgeting transparency, such that clients could make educated and thoughtful decisions about their new home or renovation. This Paragon's spirit is born.

In the course of the last 30 years, Frank and the Paragon team have managed hundreds of successful projects and saved clients millions of dollars in aggregate by applying and refining the only real residential construction project management system in the region.

His system has been applied to a variety of projects such that Paragon can manage literally any type of new home construction or renovation including conventional construction, steel and concrete, Insulated Concrete Forming, Log, Timber Frame and hybrid timber, in a variety of environmental, energy-efficient and healthy-home specifications.

Through the decades, Paragon has added many additional services to assist self-builders and turnkey clients including custom design and plans, engineering, all-inclusive home packages and tendering services.

The net result is a knowledgeable and dedicated team of specialists that will treat your project as if it were their own, and who remain committed to saving you money, building a better home, and meeting your every need.

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