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Digital marketing, Writer, and Project Manager in London, United Kingdom

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Throughout my career in the US and the UK I have been a part of some memorable campaigns. Here are a few of them.

Gibbs Hybrid Corporate Rebrand (London)
To track the company's Euro and US expansion I worked with the CEO to refresh the brand with a more aggressive stance. The resulting line "Empowering the Intelligent Enterprise" filtered into online and offline content, show stands, RFPs, etc. We also produced their first corporate brochure, an opportunity to show true product integration and geographic reach while leveraging the new brand. (download)

European Apple PowerBook intro (London)
This was a much-leaked product so we had to surprise. I decided to go the influencer route and worked with the late Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We provided him with a prototype. At the event he called the PowerBook his Digital Guide. His presentation completely won over the sceptical media and set the tone for the rollout.

PayPal (Silicon Valley)
I launched PayPal as a start-up. It was the power of a strong idea, backed of course by a great product. The company was called Confinity then; its product was an application on the Palm Pilot that beamed cash between devices. We had an investor beam $3m to our CEO, Peter Thiel’s Pilot. Achieved coverage in WIRED, Financial Times, Merc and elsewhere.

The Santa Fe Railyard (New Mexico)
Santa Fe has a railway running right through it - an industrial wasteland. This valuable real estate had been dormant for years, but finally it was ready for its reveal. I put together a production team in partnership with the Trust for Public Land, who had funded a big part of the Railyard development. We teased the location for a month or so, and had exclusive media previews. By intro day there were no surprises. Locals flocked to the location and spread out all around it to see what they’d been reading about.

Spaceport America (New Mexico)
At the State's Economic Development Department, we always worried about raising the bar for economic attraction, but the best graduates took their degrees elsewhere. The idea of a Spaceport took root, spurred on by a potential partnership with UK’s Virgin Group. I lead the development of the campaign to introduce the idea to legislators (who would have to vote significant dollars), citizens (who’d fund an additional sales tax) and a sceptical media. The campaign was successful, the Governor got on board and we launched the Spaceport, the US’ first commercial space facility.

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Frank and I worked together on a new product launch. Frank really takes time to get to know your business.. what works, what doesn't, the language the concept, the customer... and translates these into some really powerful marketing strategies that resonate well with your target audience. He is not afraid to challenge the norm and push for thinking that really drives quality into the work he does - and he is creative with the budget!
Gavin Stead, Director of Programme Services, Roullion
Frank came to this position with a wealth of knowledge from promotional activity with various high profile technology companies. He defined his position, managed his staff to follow his vision, and had great success in promoting the state of New Mexico. His plan and ideas were followed by others within the state, a vast and, in that time decentralized group. Frank had to make many impossible deadlines and did this without sacrificing normal workflow. Hope to have the chance to work with Frank ag
Michael Orshan, GM Archtech Solar Inc
I've worked extensively with Frank, including on a major brand refresh at Vendavo. He's a truly talented communicator, able to get the tone just right and tell a compelling story. I look forward to working with him again.
Jamie Rapperport, CEO Eversight