Frank O'Mahony

Digital marketing, Writer, and Small Business Owner in London, United Kingdom

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Proud Dad & husband, Irishman, weekend cyclist and oarsman, lover of big skies, big cities and great friends, living in London again!

These days I'm all about content - planning it, making it, distributing it across multiple platforms and seeing what works. The world is full of awful content - I have no intention of adding to that pile. I've put some of my writing samples up at

Also I love doing events - resurrecting Santa Fe's iconic Buckaroo Ball and working on the opening of the Santa Fe Railyards project, the launch of PayPal, European launch of the PowerBook (thanks and RIP to the lovely Douglas Adams), even the global announcement of Apple's Newton. Now that was a trip.

Veteran of London PR firms, Apple's Cupertino HQ, State Government (NM economic development marketing director), and of running a Santa Fe bakery. Yeah, I did that.

Here's my route: Dublin > London > Silicon Valley > Santa Fe NM > Boulder CO > London.

LinkedIn CV here:

Born in Dublin when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I am a proud graduate of Trinity College Dublin (BBS, MA).

Courtesy of my then employer Apple UK, I was also privileged to attend INSEAD in Fontainebleau.

Phone/txt me at +44 740 186 9099

<< Thanks to Lana McNaughton for this photo, taken way too early one morning in Portland.

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    • Dunmahon Communications Ltd.
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    • Trinity College Dublin
    • Insead Business School
    • Alliance Française