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Actually We promote new independent artists and creators worldwide FREE online.....Stay connected for more

My name is Mary , i'm 54 years old , have been born in Germany and i'm living in South of France/MARSEILLE since 20 years. I knew nothing about social media marketing at that time - that has been March 2009...

I describe myself as an 100 % Autodidact of social media marketing - i don't really like to talk too much about myself. I describe myself as an philanthrope. Love to help others , since my childhood i had been attracketed by differences of cultures and traveling, leart a lot about life balance, life energie, and technics of relaxation.

The description of my character comes very close to the description of path of life in numerology : 33/6

FOMAWORLD has been created to help new independent artists and new creators to increase their worldwide fanbase on the base of passion and friendship .Fomaworld - actually in project - will do autoproduction - Promotion online and offline - Distribution and Events. - all together to keep costs small - sounds like a business - but it will not - i consider myself as artist manager or commercial agent/ media marketer - the social business will reinvest in their

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