••• Scott McDonald •••

Victoria, BC

  • U of T graduate
  • Sushi, books and coffee interest me
  • Social media enthusiast and writer. Love pinning stuff on Pinterest
  • Archeology, gardening, family, friends and politics are my things
  • Can usually be found on a beach, on a trail or with a book - sometimes at the same time
  • Passionate about family, gardening, local community and engagement
  • Anthropology, history, biography, politics and Japan are likely subjects of books I read and blogs I frequent

Current passions: #yyj, archaeology, friends, politics, food, life, science, engagement, responsibility, sustainability. Sea glass, hiking, cosmology are hobbies. ソーシャル・メディアや日本史や国際化などに興味があるカナダ人です。

  • Education
    • University of Toronto, Chemistry, Algebra and Japanese Studies