forehead acne

The Complete Guide To Understanding Forehead Acne

Forehead is one of the areas where acne loves to appear and flourish. Pimples are nothing but the result of all those dead skin cells, oils and dirt accumulate and clog the pores and the hair follicles. The result can be either a blackhead, a pustule or a whitehead. Actually whiteheads occur when the bacteria and the sebum remain below the skin.

Blackheads get formed when the surface of a clogged pore bursts open. This is the moment when the stuff inside chances color. Follicles that break evolve into papules or into pustules, in case blood cells penetrate inside the follicle.

Acne in the forehead has multiple causes, the biggest one being clogged pores. It's a fact that the skin on the forehead produces a greater amount of oils than other skin areas. The excess of oil may lead to clogging the pores, thus causing acne. The good news is that you can fight clogged pores very effectively by maintaining a good cleaning routine and healthy habits. You can also consider getting a steamer session per month. Don't overdo it, as tempting as it might sound.

Dandruff is the second biggest cause of forehead acne. Most people have dandruff in their hair. When it falls on the forehead, it can generate acne. The solution is to get rid of your dandruff and the acne will heal by itself, with no other help from the outside. Just try a good anti-dandruff shampoo and if you are lucky, you can sort out all these issues within weeks.

People with oily scalp are more prone to develop acne on their forehead. The reason is that the oil tends to seep on the forehead where it can affect the skin. you can counteract this thing by washing your hair frequently. A good hygiene can get you out of trouble, so the sooner you develop such habits, the better.

If you don't suffer from any of the above, then the cause of your acne might be of digestive nature. This can be addressed by switching to a healthier diet and lifestyle. First of all, you need to increase your daily water intake. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier it will become. Fruits, leafy greens and other raw vegetables should become your friends. Eat them several times a day, in generous servings. Get rid of friend foods, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other chemicals and you are going to become healthier with every single day that passes.

Stress is also a factor that may trigger acne outbursts. It is very