Forest Uniforms

Priding itself on maintaining ongoing business relationships with its New York City customer base, Forest Uniforms ensures continued client satisfaction by delivering custom-made uniforms with a short turnaround time for a reasonable price. The company will replace, repair, alter, or recondition any uniform purchased from them. Forest Uniforms understands that repeat business is the key to its success, and it strives to earn the business of its customers every season and every year.

Forest Uniforms provides New York City businesses with high-quality uniforms. Typical clients include sporting arenas, hospitals, medical research and teaching facilities, military schools, airlines, department stores, health clubs, and luxury residential towers. Uniforms for these establishments run the gamut from 100% wool to very fine, exotic fabrics rarely used in work apparel manufacturing. Clients typically order uniforms with two-, three-, or four-button jackets, either single- or double-breasted. Typically, the jackets are navy blue, black, or grey and include a variety of braids, buttons, and embroidered trim; all linings and components meet or exceed government standards. Forest Uniforms only uses cotton canvas, never fusing jacket fronts to ensure the highest quality, longest lasting uniform on the market.

Each uniform delivered by Forest Uniforms is custom measured and fitted to the exact specifications of the wearer. The company makes each uniform individually, virtually unheard of in the modern career apparel industry. By successfully implementing its ability to warehouse a wide array of fabrics and custom fit each uniform, it is no wonder Forest Uniforms has maintained many of its customers since its founding in 1986.

Forest Uniforms is located in the Flatiron District in New York City, along Park Avenue. For more information about the company's uniform service, please call (212) 777-1900.