Foteini Vavitsa

Thessaloniki, Greece

Inbound Certified Marketer| AdWords Specialist | Member of Dingo Marketing Team.

Hello Everyone!

I have studied Economics and then continued with my master in Informatics & Administration at Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessaloniki. From my early teen years I wanted to do something related to Marketing, because, for me, is a highly creative job.

After my master I found that the combination of Internet and Marketing can offer great opportunities for businesses to promote their work and for marketeers to do their job more efficiently.

That was the reason I created the page of, which has interesting articles about how you can promote a website through the Internet correct (or as we call it in SEO, with White Hat techniques and in terms of Marketing, Inbound Marketing).

I am also really happy to be a part of Dingo Marketing Team, a group of people working on what they love: Giving the best marketing services in businesses that they want to be unique and competitive.

Apart from that, I also work as a teacher of Economics in Highschool pupils.

  • Work
    • SEO & E-marketing consultor.
  • Education
    • Economics. Master in Informatics & Administration
    • Inbound Marketing Certification