Fouad Farooq


This is Fouad here. I am from Srinagar. I was born and have lived the first 12 years of my childhood in Madinah Saudi Arabia. Lived in Madinah, Srinagar, Jammu, Islamabad at one or the other point of my life. I am a social media enthusiast and keen to show social presence. I have always wanted to work for my people in Kashmir whether it is related to social issues or political ones. I am too passionate about online education and keen to learn new things online. I love writing but I am too lazy to write something at the same time. I am a big foodie and always enthusiastic to try new things and new places for food with Mughlai and Kashmiri cuisines being my favorite. I am interested in the gadget world too with a sweet corner for Windows. My interests also include computer sciences to some extent. On the professional front, I never cease to enhance my skillset because knowledge never stops in life. I love cricket and football in sports with no interest at all in cash rich domestic leaguses like IPL, EPL, etc. I think thats enough of me for a bio. Still you can ask me questions if any at

  • Work
    • Electronics and Communication Engineer
  • Education
    • MIET Jammu
    • Iqbal Memorial Institute Srinagar
    • Iqbal Memorial Institute Islamabad
    • Noble Mission School Srinagar