Lisa Fox Dombrowski

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Patio Gardener | Music Festival Fan

Lisa Fox Dombrowski is an amateur gardener with a yearlong green thumb! Inspired by her lifelong love of nature, Fox Dombrowski took up patio gardening as a hobby. Now, she's dabbling with different techniques, including permaculture and aquaponics. A major fan of farm to table cuisine, her ultimate goal is to transform her patio garden into a self-sustainable backyard mini farm! In the coming months, Lisa Fox Dombrowski intends to document her patio garden’s incredible journey in the form of a blog focusing on gardening and permaculture.

Fox Dombrowski's gardening blog will also highlight her passion of mixology, which she incorporates in her patio garden harvests. Specifically, Fox Dombrowski will discuss the interesting world of herbal mixology. She has recently started to explore the artistic fusion of gardeningand beverage making known as herbal mixology. An opportunity to incorporate two of her favorite hobbies, Fox Dombrowski is fascinated by the process of brewing tea with ingredients cultivated in her own backyard.

When she isn’t tending to her growing garden, Lisa Fox Dombrowski enjoys attending music festivals. In particular, she seeks out music and arts festivals that incorporate multiple genres. Fox Dombrowski looks forward to the announcement of the next annual Boston Calling, a highlight of east coast music festivals.

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