Fox Management Inc.


With a pledge to maintain and improve the upkeep of private property and to offer a superior selection of rental units, Fox Management Inc. is known for capable and committed leadership in the Portland, Oregon, area. Under the direction of President and Founder Tressa Rossi, Fox Management Inc. employs a select staff of individuals experienced in and dedicated to all aspects of property stewardship. Before Fox Management Inc., Tressa Rossi studied at Portland Community College, learning the complexities of the real estate business. Graduating with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in 1990, Tressa Rossi furthered her education in real estate and property management at Portland State University. Tressa Rossi went on to serve as an accountant for Portland, Oregon, developer Justin Barton. In that position, she established an innovative in-house system that saved the company significant amounts in CPA fees. Rossi brought this innovation to Fox Management Inc., opening its doors to the public in 2002. Vice President Robert Rossi joins Tressa Rossi at Fox Management Inc., where he coordinates and conducts the physical maintenance of all company properties. Fox Management Inc. greatly benefits from Robert Rossi’s years of expertise in water damage restoration, carpet installation, painting, and household repairs. With additional assistance from experienced Portfolio Manager Kelly Nagy, Bookkeeper Karen Husky, and Leasing Agents Peter Eberle and Jessie Carmona, Fox Management Inc. promises only the finest in property administrative services.

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