Susan Fox

Susan Fox

Who am I?

This has always been a challenging question for me .....

I have struggled for years to come up with the answer,

I am complex .....

I suppose from day one my life has been dominated by right brain activity, always having my head in the clouds as my hands created something or other, a pot or a picture, either painted, etched or collaged.

It wasn't until later years that my passion for photography really surfaced, even then it was never about technicalities rather the intuitive composition, the abstract connections.

Studying Art & Design HND was instrumental to my calling, but I could not decide between words and visuals, I felt the need to express both, no path seemed to fit with my feelings.

Today I'm much clearer about my art, my creative expressions ~ Finding my Bliss, my online 'ethereal home' has become a way of expressing myself and fills my need perfectly, I am grateful for this e-space and all who contribute by way of comment or critique.

Thank you for visiting.