Fancy Pants

I am not a Dr.....or an expert....or a guru on anything really except the game of life experiences in general.

I talk a lot....I've been through some things....I am enthusiastic, brave, creative, hungry for more, and blessed. Sound like anyone you know?

That's what brought me here. Because I want to change the world. On my terms of course :) Just like anyone else. But I want to be better. I want to love myself out loud and not feel bad for doing it. And I am convinced that you do too......

So, let's do it together! Let's forget trying to be discovered by celebrities who could give us fat camp and fabulous makeovers......let's JUST DO IT ourselves and make the world notice us!

Let's talk about cheating on our diets, trying to conquer the world, things that make us happy and things that make us sad.

It's time to discover us first and change the world through just being us!!! One amazing woman at a time (and amazing men too if they're on board!)

And if a Dr or real guru wants to join in, we'll all think about letting them :)