F. Raúl Rodríguez

I'm a graphic designer & illustrator, actually living & working in Barcelona.

I graduated as Graphic Design Technician at Alicante's Art School and immediately began working as graphic designer in a local newspaper, 2 years later I moved to Tabula, an important graphic design studio in Alicante, focused in editorial design where I worked as graphic designer and Illustrator. In 2002 I decided to step forward in my career and mover to Barcelona, where some of the most important Spanish design studios are set.

I started working as graphic designer and illustrator in Egg Design, a small studio in Sant Cugat, working for customers like Chupa Chups, Rekkit Benckiser and Barcelona's City Hall.

I shortly jumped to one of the most known design studios in BCN, Morillas Brand Design, where I had the opportunity to work with brands like Gallo, Affinity, Danone, Bimbo or La Sirena as Post-Production Technician.

My acquired experience let my work in a special place called Palo Alto, an ancient furriers factory, now converted into a huge workplace where different art-oriented studios gathers together, like Estudio Mariscal, La Iguana or Morera Design.

In Morera Design I had the opportunity to develop a wide range of aspects in a graphic design's career, from 3D modeling for customers like Bezoya, BVland, Radical Fruit Company and Bitter Kas, to specialized design in winery, (labeling and bottle design). Finally I was Morera's Production Manager, in charge of supervising all production artworks in brands like Font Vella, Codorníu or PepsiCo.

Nowadays, I work in Lateral Branding as senior graphic designer, taking benefit from all my previously acquired knowledge, while working with customers like Castey, Fundix, Codorníu, Simón Coll or Amatller.

As a Freelance, I'm actually working as a web designer in gadwoman.com, a gadget and technology website, with a female target orientation.

F. Raúl Rodríguez