Francie V

Through the different textures and processes of fiber arts and needlework, Francie V taps into the reactions and emotions of the human heart. With her imaginative narratives and imagery, she creates handmade and often one of a kind detailed pieces.

Francie enjoys all the steps of the creative process. She finds inspiration from the imaginary world in her heart's mind of friendly monsters, moon-bound lovers or something as small as a specific word. Her love of simplicity in vintage lifestyles and aesthetics, the endless forms and organic designs in nature and space can be seen in details of her work.

Being raised on the make believe world away from the television, Francie has always been creating in many mediums like fiction writing, mixed media collage and dioramas.

In the Winter of 2008, she launched a crochet and sewing based line named after her alter ego Sister Valentine, creating mostly functional accessories. After graduating from Sheridan's Crafts and Design Textile program in 2012, her passion for creating met the vast world of fiber arts and took off hand in hand to the moon.

Her awareness of the human heart and nature's fragility are perfectly suited for the many handmade pieces she produces to touch the hearts and minds of the real world.

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