Francisco Garcini, MD, PhD, FACOG, FACS

Physician in Chicago, Illinois

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A hysterectomy can be a difficult experience in a woman’s life, and Dr. Francisco Garcini recognizes that. After co-founding Partners in Obstetrics & Women’s Health in New Lenox, Illinois, he began providing experienced care for hysterectomy patients in the Will County area. Dr. Francisco Garcini has garnered the endorsement of several support groups for his understanding and compassion in helping women through these and other procedures.

Dr. Garcini began his road to becoming a Gynecologist at the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, from which he graduated in 1995. Afterward, he completed his obstetrics and gynecology residency in Houston, Texas, at LBJ General Hospital. Displaying commendable bedside manner and communication skills that would carry over into his professional career, Dr. Francisco Garcini garnered recognition on several occasions for his outstanding performance as a resident and teacher, eventually becoming Administrative Chief Resident in 1998.

In order to ensure his patients experience less discomfort and disruption of their lives, Dr. Francisco Garcini offers a number of minimally invasive gynecological procedures. Most notably, he performs hysterectomies via laparoscopy or robot assisted laparoscopy, procedures which utilizes several small abdominal incisions rather than one large surgical opening. Performing hysterectomies in this fashion ensures significantly less post-operative pain and shorter post-operative recovery periods. Recognized as a member of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), Dr. Garcini holds vast experience in this type of operation.

Dr. Francisco Garcini also has the honor of association with several support groups designed for women who require hysterectomies, and has received recognition by his colleagues. The HysterSisters group includes him in their directory of doctors who execute the procedure laparoscopically. Additionally, Dr. Garcini is listed as a specialist by the AAGL.

Patients will find a caring physician in Dr. Francisco Garcini. From pre-operative examinations to the procedure and after care, he treats patients with the utmost care and respect. Dr. Garcini’s vast experience in minimally invasive gynecologic procedures ensures a smooth and skilled hysterectomy care.