Francisco Guzman

I'm a senior at Stanford University in the Departments of Symbolic Systems, Management Science & Engineering and Science, Technology & Society with a strong interest in mobile technology and strategy. I've had experience in the field of technology through internships with Genentech, and Google. I'm actively looking for a summer internship in the Bay area at a start-up through the Mayfield Fellows Program - feel free to reach out to me if you know of an interesting opportunity.

Overall, I'm interested in how social factors influence human computer interaction design. I am currently researching the ways in which culture influences mobile user interface design, specifically in the area of mobile payments. While my research has a strong focus on payments, at its core the goal is to understand how anthropological factors influence the way people interact with these devices. This information can then be used to improve our experiences in a mobile era. I am drafting a proposal for my Master's Thesis project, which will explore the philosophical aspects of payment transactions and how this understanding, coupled with prototype design, can help us create better mobile payment interfaces.