Francis Fleetwood

A native of Santiago, Chile, Francis Fleetwood grew up in New York City. Since opening his firm in 1980, Mr. Fleetwood has centered his architectural work in East Hampton, gaining recognition for his signature shingle-style houses, often referred to as "Hampton Style" houses. In 1999, he collaborated with James McMullan to form Fleetwood & McMullan LLC. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Architecture & Planning, Francis Fleetwood began developing his unique style while he was a teaching assistant for Donlyn Lyndon. Influenced by Lyndon and architectural greats Rudolph Schindler and Ben Thompson, Mr. Fleetwood gained a reputation as a modernist practitioner of the historic shingle style. He favors long, narrow shapes that allow for lots of light. His homes are distinguishable by their recessed porches, extended chimneys, and curved roofs with oriental details. Mr. Fleetwood's work has greatly enriched the architecture of the Hamptons and the lifestyles of his clients who appreciate the attention he gives to projects from start to finish.