Frank Zweegers

Director in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Real estate magnate Frank Zweegers grew up in the south of the Netherlands to a family of entrepreneurs with a well-respected farming past.

Following high school, Frank Zweegers began to take a very keen interest in investing which led to him launching ZBG, a holding company with far reaching interests spanning from real estate development & investment, to agriculture and technology.

Frank has always invested in people and has never been bound by convention or any predetermined sectoral bias. He strongly believes in promoting an ownership mentality in the executives of the entities within his profile as well as investing in the businesses to deliver sustainable value over an extremely long-time horizon, not only financially, but also in a material way. Due to this innovative method, ZBG’s portfolio has changed throughout the years.

As of late, Frank Zweegers’ portfolio has coalesced around the three core business areas of investment and real estate development, agriculture and technology. In each area, ZBG’s businesses aim to use natural elements of the earth to improve the lives of people. Frank Zweegers’ grandfather, Piet Zweegers Sr, founded his own company “PZ” in 1937, producing a variety of threshers and mills, advanced equipment for that day and age. Following this practice, Piet’s four sons Piet Jr., Andre, Tony and Jan, continued the family’s innovative track-record through the discovery of the cyclomower in 1964, an agricultural grass mower which is still in use today. An interest in agriculture and the want to make a positive contribution to the production of value from the ground is evidently in Frank’s blood.

ZGB has also made the move to invest in an innovative technology company that accelerates the development and approval of innovative medical devices and machinery that help patients be diagnosed in a much smoother, quicker and less painful way. Not only this, but it serves to improve therapies that cure diseases and other health concerns.

Frank Zweegers is best known for investing in real estate development. The growth in popularity of urban living especially in international cities, is a main driver for his real estate projects. The objective is to provide millennials access to the city lifestyle, which is an increasing challenge due to the deficit of quality housing and office space in lots of markets. Developing new, more sustainable real estate projects is helping to solve this societal problem.