Frank Rühli

Frank Rühli studied Medicine at the University of Zurich. After graduation (incl. USMLE I/II and he worked at the Institute of Diagnostic Radiology, University-Hospital Zurich. He was awarded an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship to undertake a PhD at the Biological Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy Research Unit, Anatomical Sciences, University of Adelaide (Australia), where he also held a full-time lectureship. He has worked at the Institute of Anatomy in the University of Zürich since 2003, where he was promoted to senior assistant in 2005 and founded his own research unit. In 2007 he finished his habilitation (“DSc”) in the field of anatomy/histology. He co-heads the “Swiss Mummy Project” and is now heading one of the first institutes on Evolutionary Medicine. He was elected as Professor (aoProf für Anatomie) at the University of Zurich in 2012.

He conducts extensive research a.o. on clinical anatomy, paleoradiology, and paleopathology (especially ancient mummy studies).

He gained teaching and course coordinator experience (MD, BHSc, MBBS; MSc) at Swiss, German, UK and Australian Universities in gross anatomy; histology; paleopathology; biomedical imaging and biological anthropology, both in traditional and “problem-based learning” curricula. He has supervised multiple BScHons, MD, DVM and DMD dissertations; is Associated Editor, Editor and Editor–in-Chief of six peer-reviewed journals; he is also a regular referee for various scientific journals and multiple science foundations.

Frank actively serves in the rank of major in the staff of the Swiss Armed Forces.
Apart from his scientific work, he is also Board Member of the Liberal Party Kreis 1 here in Zürich and Board member of FDP Zurich City.

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    • (MD; University of Zurich), PhD (Unversity of Adelaide)