Frank Calberg

Writer, Director, and Life Coach in Zürich, Switzerland

Frank Calberg

Writer, Director, and Life Coach in Zürich, Switzerland

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Hi, I am Frank. I am a citizen of Denmark and Switzerland. I was born in 1970 in Denmark and have lived in Switzerland since 2006. These are 15 examples of services I provide:

1. Takeaways from reading books
I share what I learn from reading books.

2. Event contributions
I contribute to webinars / events, for example by asking questions and sharing reflections.

3. Research and writing / blogging
I do research, for example using GenAI tools such as ChatGPT as well as Google Bard, and share findings via as well as other social media.
My current writing initiative is about love. This is what I have written until now:

4. Conversations
I communicate with people about challenges in life, for example over the Internet, during a walk or other sports and/or over a cup of coffee.

5. Testing
I test products, services as well as apps and give feedback to help improve things.

6. Teaching materials
I create teaching materials to help educators and students learn. Examples:

7. Tutoring children
I help children with homework in all subjects. I work with children in family homes as well as via Skype, Zoom and/or other technologies.

8. Helping elderly people use technology

9. Learning apps
I create apps that help people to learn. Examples:

10. Workshops
I facilitate innovation workshops and thereby help create needed change.

11. Photos
I experienced that a picture sometimes says more than a thousand words. In photos I like to focus on what is beautiful and what works well. I am a top photographer on Google Maps. 6 million+ views.

12. Helping improve buildings and infrastructure
I share questions, photos and ideas that help real estate developers create attractive places to work, learn, play and live.

13. Helping to better understand nature
Example: Contributions via

14. Helping improve artificial intelligence (AI)
Example: Contributions via

15. Crowdfunding contributor
I help develop ideas into products, services and/or apps.

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