Digital Creator, Fututrist, and Techno-Optimist in London, United Kingdom

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I stand at the forefront of a technological revolution, a pioneer whose life and work are inextricably woven into the fabric of the future. Born in the vibrant melting pot of Brazil, with Iberian roots and naturalised British by heart, my journey has been a tapestry of cross-cultural exploration, embodying the spirit of a global citizen in a relentless quest to understand my identity and purpose in this rapidly evolving world.

As a digital creator, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed "amateur futurist," I have dedicated the past two decades to pushing the boundaries of innovation, merging cutting-edge technology with the boundless power of human creativity. From groundbreaking brand development to captivating marketing initiatives, my entrepreneurial spirit has driven me to establish DMT Lab, a pioneering company that harnesses the power of AI to weave immersive narratives and explore the profound intersection of humanity and technology. Adhering to the principles of Web3, DMT Lab produces a wide array of content that transcends boundaries, empowers consciousness, and ignites a digital renaissance. Additionally, my digital hub MyGeekSpace delves into a rich tapestry of breakthrough advancements, thought-provoking ethical discussions, and captivating concepts that push the boundaries of human comprehension.

My passion for photography serves as a canvas for innovation, where I blend photo-realism with High Dynamic Range techniques to capture the essence of architectural marvels and urban vibrancy. Embracing the forefront of imagery creation, I am excited about the potential of AI-generated image tech, VR, and 3D spatial exploration to enrich content creation and transcend traditional boundaries.

At the heart of my vision lies the Terra 2.0 initiative, a paradigm of harmonious coexistence where humanity, technology, and the Earth are intertwined in a symphony of progress, sustainability, and well-being. This ambitious undertaking aims to redefine our collective existence, merging technology with our very essence to usher in the era of Homo techno - a profound evolution where our physical, intellectual, and spiritual faculties reach unprecedented heights.

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