Frank Goortani

Software Engineer and freelancer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Whether in a great organization or in a small business, My passion has always been to remove the redundancies and to find better ways to make things happen by making IT processes seamless, integrated, automated and optimized. I believe an ideal IT team should hardly be seen or be heard of (except for the office parties and recognitions!!) Give me enough time and I'll make your technology side of business that way too. If there is one thing I've learned in the last two decades in working in IT, Engineering and Educational fields in different roles, different companies, different businesses, different cultures and different countries... that would be the two Cs: The Change and The Constant. The business, the process, the technologies, the design patterns and every other tangible aspect in business always change. And if you play your cards right, the constant is always the impression and the relationship you have with people. It's possible to keep up with the change. I've been trying to do that in multiple fields including Business Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile Solutions, Project Management, Engineering, Management and of course being a good son and husband! But the most important thing in my humble opinion is to keep the constants constant. Make the right impressions and live up to the expectations. Here, I'll leave a constant line of contact with you. May we find each other again and again in the changes of life in future.

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    • Collaborative VisionZ
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    • TOGAF
    • PMP
    • MCPD
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    • Ryerson University