Franklyn Michelin

Small Business Owner in Montreal, QC, Canada

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Franklyn Michelin, based in Montreal, Canada, is a business owner and experienced professional in the medical supplies industry. He currently owns a consulting and customer service support company that caters to medical supply companies based in the US. In addition to owning his own business, Franklyn is also very interested in men's fashion, particularly how it can make or break someone's first impression of you.

Franklyn is also passionate about winter sports and the weather. Growing up in Canada, he had to become accustomed to the weather and how to have fun even when it's below freezing. From a young age, Franklyn spent most of his time outdoors playing winter sports. He continues to do so with his own children to this day.

When not engaged with men's fashion or in winter sports, Franklyn Michelin works as a medical supplies consultant. He owns a small, outsource company that provides consulting and customer support services to medical supply companies, and has years of experience under his belt with a proven track record of success.

Before starting his own business, Franklyn Michelin was the CEO of Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (“DME”) Provider Diabetic. As CEO, he facilitated a turnaround that resulted in exponential client growth, bringing their client base from a few thousand people to over 40,000 customers.

Franklyn’s work ethic and innovative thinking have continually created growth opportunities for the companies he’s worked for. During his time as an Industry Research and Analysis Consultant, an investor group nominated him to the position of Co-Chief Operations Officer. In this position, Franklyn was able to manage the day-to-day activities of the company. Eventually, the other Co-Chief resigned, leaving Franklyn Michelin wholly in charge of running the company.

For Franklyn, the most important and rewarding thing that comes with his job is the differences he helps make in people's lives--especially with the elderly. His favorite thing working as the owner of his business is to meet and work with a variety of people and continuously finding ways to help encourage innovative thinking and growth.