Frank Reichwein

With 14,000 acres nestled in the picturesque Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley, Frank Reichwein offers buyers unspoiled land for camping and outdoor recreation. Reichwein Ranches, located in San Acacio, Colorado, is owned by Mr. Reichwein and his family, who have been selling property for almost three decades. Frank Reichwein offers 5- and 35-acre subdivisions for purchase and makes the buying process as hassle-free as possible with no credit checks, prepayment penalties, or hidden administrative fees. Owners can also take advantage of zero percent interest financing, low down payments, and flexible 15-, 20-, or 30-year payment plans. International customers do not have to pay any extra charges, and the area’s low tax rate makes purchasing property a great investment option for retirees. Frank Reichwein makes sure that owners have immediate access to their properties, which come equipped with solar energy power sources and are guaranteed to be fit for well permits. Mr. Reichwein encourages owners to use the land as they see fit, and they are under no obligation to build. Properties at Reichwein Ranches may be utilized for camping, using recreational vehicles, and keeping a wide variety of animals including dogs, horses, cattle, llamas, goats, and chickens. Though mobile homes are not permitted, Frank Reichwein allows owners to build their own custom homes on their properties. Frank Reichwein owns a 1,435-acre ranch on the property, and he believes that it is the perfect place for all sorts of outdoor activities and sports, including horseback riding, hiking, and all-terrain vehicle and mountain bike riding. The area is close to the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico, which during the winter is widely used by snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. Frank Reichwein’s properties are within close proximity to the some of the region’s premier ski areas including those at Red River, Taos, and Wolf Creek. The area offers great fishing in its pristine streams, ponds, and rivers, and hunters can track elk, antelope, and deer. Even birdwatchers can view the hooded oriole, black-chinned sparrow, and Lawrence’s goldfinch. To learn more about Frank Reichwein and the properties at Reichwein Ranches, please visit: