Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman: A Diamond ProfileSouth Africa is a picturesque tourist haven that has it all - history, breathtaking scenery, culture, and is home to the world’s best resources, diamonds. Diamond mining is a dominant industry in the region, providing nearly half of all revenue. In spite of economic problems, the diamond manufacturing business has thrived even in the most difficult of times.Diamond mining concessions (government contracts) have increased since the turn of the century, reducing monopolies and encouraging the formation of private companies. Phatsima Diamond Corporation was formed in 2005 and began its operations in Angola, the third largest diamond producer in Africa. The company’s success in the past ten years is credited to its Managing Director, Frans J. Schoeman.Schoeman was born in 1969 in Cape Town, South Africa and received his law degree from the University of the Free State in 1990. He gained recognition practicing corporate law by establishing the firm of Joubert Schoeman Attorneys later that same year. His legal expertise had made him a notable figure in the following areas:

Administrative Law

Banking and Finance Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

Constitutional and Labor Law

Medical and Insurance Law

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

Schoeman provided additional legal counsel in 1999 to the firm of Hofmeyr, Herbstein, & Gihwala, Inc., specializing in corporate and international law. His legal skills included the mining and natural resources industries, so he was able to oversee the daily operation of Phatsima Diamond successfully for nearly a decade. With diamond production remaining steady, his position with Phatsima Diamond remained secure. He also became the Legal Director at TG Mintster Consulting, a surety insurance company, in 2010 to provide legal advisement of complex business matters like mergers and acquisitions, drafting, and contract negotiations.The diamond manufacturing industry in South Africa has suffered setbacks in the past regarding safety and labor conditions but has since rebounded due to state and government revised regulatory standards. Stricter licensing requirements and more safety audits have reduced unsafe and unfair working practices by over 60 percent in the last decade. Companies utilizing the services of proper legal counsel and fully complying with government mandates are guaranteed continued success for many years to come.