Fraser Allison

Melbourne, Australia

Fraser is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

His field of research spans human-computer interaction and game studies, focusing on voice interaction in social and playful contexts. His honours thesis, The Videogame as Prosthetic Imagination, is an in-depth case study analysis of immersion and subjective experience in Mirror's Edge.

Prior to his PhD, Fraser worked for several years as a manager, consultant and business analyst at Forethought Research, one of Australia's leading strategic market research consultancies, where he oversaw a team of software developers working on data analysis and publishing systems.

Fraser has hosted a radio show on 3RRR, covered politics for Express Media, written about videogame design and culture for, managed the volunteer workforce for the Freeplay Independent Games Festival, and had photographs exhibited at the Melbourne Museum.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) (Honours)