Fred Tang


I do not like boring presentations, however for this time I’ll have to make an exception: I am Fred Tang, I’m 32 and live in Switzerland. As you can see from the blog’s title, I am fond of videogames together with technology generally.
My love for video games started when I was twelve, the age in which I played my first game. Today, this blog comes into the world and within this you will see all of my passions… but exactly why?

Since between my friends in the real world I am the only one that enjoys PCs together with videogames, I would like to share this passion with somebody around the globe, someone who really loves videogames and reads carefully and enjoyably my own articles. From time to time, I am going to publish something like useful guides or news, in order that my readers will follow me. No bullshit are permitted within this blog. I promise on my honor I won’t disappoint you!