about the author...

Hello. Bonjour. Konnichiwa. Chur chur peoples. My name is Freda. My real name is actually spelt with a 'I' as in Frieda, but I ditched that shizzle after kids in primary days thought it was funny calling me 'fried bread' - a name that sticks with me to this day. But I guess I could have been called worse things. Such as fried eggs. Or something like that.

Not sure what this blog is about. Hence the reason I've headlined it being a blog about 'this and that and whatever else in between.' I think of it as a venting outlet, because venting with my mouth has given me nothing but grief here in the real world. I open my mouth to speak, whether it be to form an opinion, to express myself, or even in just normal day to day conversation, and all I seem to do is come across in a way I never intended to, rubbing a SHITLOAD of people up the wrong way in the process. Also - I want to speak the TRUTH - whatever the means. And writing has always been the way for me to do that. I need it as much as I need my coffee first thing in the morning, or to feel my girl close to me at all times. Need it as much as I need to breathe.

I'm just your average country bumpkin trying to make sense of this weird and wonderful thing called life. Join me on this journey if you ain't scared of delving into the deepest, darkest corners of life's mysteries. I like to think that's my area. Uncovering. Probing. Bringing to light all that society and mankind and humans try their best to hide.

This blog is possibly not for the fainthearted. I also swear - ALOT - so if your looking for a glowy, lovey dovey, shining with positivity type blog - your not going to find it here. Im all for rising above adversity and overcoming obstacles, but I choose to do that in a more...realistic way. As opposed to shoving a whole bunch of positive affirmations down your throat, I mean. I'm all about facing the mirror and getting to the absolute core of shit. I'm all about the real stuff.

So welcome to my world. Hope you enjoy my posts and what this blog has to offer. Even though I ain't a hundred percent sure what that something is...yet.

Love and light all.