Based in San Diego & New York City, Fred+Ethel provides creative direction, film+video production, graphics and editorial for entertainment, commercial and corporate marketing. We listen, discuss, explore and then, deliver practical, creative solutions for the challenges of today's marketing professionals. Or, in our more natural vernacular... We're the caffeine in your coffee, the jelly on your toast, the gun in your sock, the rocket in your pocket, the gas in your tank... We like to have a good time and make cool stuff. If any of this appeals to you, it would be our pleasure to hear from you.

Our collective ethos is to identify and shape an idea or story first and then determine the most effective technique and tools with which to proceed.


Creative Director/Principal Bill Aylward has twenty five plus years experience in creative direction and visual problem solving. He has worked on a profusion of media projects as a director, writer, designer, animator, editor and overall creative in Los Angeles, Paris, Stockholm, Munich, Milan, New York and Las Vegas.