freda nikmah

I'm the kind of person who would fight for my rights and work towards my goal even if it means me sacrificing a lot of time on it. I'm currently studying Diploma in Business Application; Finance and Banking. I am originally an outdoor person which means to say, I do rock climbing, dragon boating, high elements, kayaking and etc. Then i decided to pay more attention in my music career now that I am in percussion. I have also been with my Dikir Barat team for years now. I simply love what I am currently doing right now; School, Work, Percussion, Dikir Barat. I believe I can and will succeed in life. I wish to travel around the world to pursue my music career. And someday, I'll start up my very own business company! I believe that for every setbacks or failures that i face in life,it is a challenge to buck up and for me to do better! That is why i am taking a step at a time! :D I can do it!