Fred Ayres

Fred Ayres is currently a senior at Groves High School in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Although the overwhelming majority of his teachers and fellow classmates might describe Fred as being 'diligent', 'hard-working', and 'studious', Fred knows that all of those words mean the same thing and that he is none of them. In fact, Fred has meticulously hidden the fact that he tries desperately to fail all of his class, always to no avail. Try as he might, he always passes with flying colors.

The majority of Fred's free time is occupied by volunteering, working, and reading– three things most teenagers would find repulsive. Keep in mind, Fred is no normal seventeen-year-old. He doesn't know when the newest Call of Duty is due out nor does he care which one of the Kardashians is going to get married next. In other words, Fred isn't exactly 'up to date' on most pop culture.

Fred can often be found cuddled up with a good book or performing a complex exercise move that somehow targets every muscle in the human body.

Fred's future plans include attending a four-year university, where he plans to study political science, environmental science, and philosophy– three subjects that Fred adores. After he graduates with a some sort of Latin honor, Fred plans on joining the Peace Corps. and bringing his gusto for life to people around the globe.