Fred Baldwin

When marketing and sales, through tight collaboration and leveraging all its disciplines, delivers informed and receptive leads, selling becomes easy. Leading a brand's marketing to make selling simpler, efficient and more productive is what I do, and do well.

Currently I am in an active search for a marketing leadership role with a mid-size B2B company that reaches its marketplace through a direct sales organization or sales channels.

The whole of my career has been focused on building and leveraging a deep knowledge of marketing through direct sales teams and sales channels. Analytically driven, my past leadership roles are dominated by creating and executing comprehensive marketing strategies, integrating marketing and sales strategies, developing products and services, and planning full range marketing communications programs, the sum of which drive profitable revenue though direct sales channels.

I've had the good fortune to thrive in diverse business settings, including local search marketing, professional services, and health care; through franchised, growth and mid-size enterprises. While I have considerable consumer marketing experience, the majority of my background is business-to-business marketing, primarily in the service sector. The diversity in my career makes me a quick study, with sharp critical thinking skills, and quite simply, skilled in getting things done within challenging business situations.