Fred Cooper

Sunderland in the North East of England

Fred Cooper was born and raised in Seaham a small seaside town in County Durham, England. He has always been interested in writing but it was not until he retired in 2003 that he began writing for pleasure. His first book "The Hole-in-the-Wall" is a social history study of the working sailing ships that frequented Seaham Harbour during the Victorian era. During the research for this book he uncovered a story that he felt must be told and this inspired his second novel "A Master Mariner's Tale". This spy thriller novel has reached the top 20 best-sellers in two different thriller categories on the Kindle. It has averaged 4.2 out of 5 stars from reviewers. Three local history books followed: -

- Shipbuilding at Seaham Harbour

- A History of the Seaham Infirmary

- A History of the Londonderry Literary Institute

Currently he is researching a history of sport over the last 150 years at Seaham Harbour. All of these books are available on Amazon for the Kindle, iBook's for the iPad and Barnes and Noble for the Nook reader. His books are sold in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

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    • Retired Finance Director
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