Fred Chauvin

aix en provence

I am passionate about changing the ways people are learning, working, collaborating and using the knowledge power to faster reach new business efficiency...

In my "day" job, I am currently leading a department in Gemalto (developping services and "service like" business models), and use to manage Knowledge Management activities during several years - for which I received several awards (the latest one being the 1rst price (among 19 participating companies) of the elearning excellence awards 2013.

In my "night" job, I am writing around KM, speaking or chairing in conferences or seminars, and advising companies in their strategies around Knowledge management, Knowledge acquisition & learning programs, collaboration, innovation & change management.

And In in my other "night" available time : I create music (electronic / trip-hop) or multimedia things (sometimes quite usefull within change management tools...), I am married to a wonderfull wife and the happy dad of 3 kids. I am member of the Change Agents WorldWide

I live with passion all the things I do, and I do not sleep so much :)

  • Work
    • gemalto
  • Education
    • Polytechnic engineering school of Marseille