Frédéric Colas


French. 45 years old. Living in Paris, France.

20 years of Marketing experience, including 15 years of digital marketing.

European digital and social marketing expert, pioneer at Procter & Gamble, where I created the Worldwide Digital Marketing Department in Cincinnati in 1996.

From 2000, after an experience at SEGA. co-founder of Fullsix, a leading digital marketing group in Europe with 800 employees worldwide.

In 2011-12, took a year off to travel around the world with his family. During this year, he completed 2 projects: "We Like The World", the first trip around the world powered by a network of Facebook friends" ( and the "CMO world tour", a series of interviews of chief marketing officers about the impact of the digital age on marketing (

Currently Chief Strategic Officer of the Fullsix Group.

  • Work
    • Marketing Consultant
  • Education
    • Essec