Fred Degerberg

2010 Masters Award by Grand Master Greg Tierney

2008 Culture Award by Chicago Alderman Gene Schulter

2006 Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts is awarded “Best Overall School of the Year” at the First Annual Black Belt Magazine Industry Awards

2005 Shaolin Kung Fu World Martial Arts Federation Karate 10th Degree Grandmaster

2005 Illinois Shaolin Karate and Kung Fu Association 10th Degree Grandmaster

2005 Gangi’s Kung Fu Systems Black Belt, Grandmaster 10th Dan

2003 9 Degree Bushido Karate by Grand Master Robert Beal

2002 December 14, Inducted into the Executive Board of Bushi-Ban International

2000 Midwest “Sankofa” Humanitarian Award, presented by Master Preston Baker, 8th Dan

1998 Martial Artist of the Year – Martial Arts Karate Association, presented by Grandmaster Jimmy Jones

1997-98 Chuck Norris Award – Kick Drugs Out of America

1997 Resolution by the City Council – Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

1996 Head Delegate W.E.K.A.F. World Championships IV in Los Angeles

1996 Promoted and Hosted National Stickfighting Championships for W.E.K.A.F., Chicago, IL