Freddie Mills Jr.

Miami, Florida

Freddie Mills is still scamming - let's work together to end it. Several of us have made sales for him, and were never paid. He took our money and is living in his mansion driving a brand new Maserati. He also bought his mistress, Amanda Thomas, a brand new BMW X5.

Anytime we try to get our money, we are told that he doesn't have any or that our sales never went through. (His property taxes for 2012 aren't paid, so maybe there is truth to him being broke!) There is no retention of salespeople and they have now resorted to advertising a "salary" for door to door sales. He fired his entire office staff too, then withheld payment of their wages. His father, Gene O'Neill just sits back and watches all this happen and the company is in HIS name.

Freddie has a brilliant scamming mastermind to help him in his endeavors - Bob Hanson (recently released from prison on fraud charges).

The questions we should be asking ourselves: How are Freddie, Bob, Amanda being compensated? How were they able to purchase new luxury vehicles? Did the thieves create fraudulent documentation to qualify? Is there really money, and if so, how do we get ours? Are they generating money illegally? Why is Freddie laundering money from Direct Energy and then redirecting it to his personal account? Is that tax evasion? Has anyone tried to contact the vendors directly for payment - Direct Energy and Blue Spruce? What are the details of the merger they are attempting with Liberty Power? Are they aware they are being scammed?

  • Work
    • Business Sales
  • Education
    • Miami Southridge Senior High
    • Miami State University