Freddie Mitchell

Overall: timid, nervous, unsure, jaded, sensitive, precocious, plaintive. Aside from my personality defects I am dry, humourous, pleasant, and measured, with a wide knowledge of things and tongs. My hobbies are music (writing, playing, listening) and writing (essays, short stories). I also enjoy doing other things that casual arty fucks like doing (for example reading dense books and watching film noir) but true to my jaded personality I can't seem to summon enough faith to really care about any of it - in my eye they are objectively the most satisfying ways to spend the time between getting up and going back to bed. My style is preppy but, like, more groovy and psychedelic man. Overall I have a minimalist, knowingly perverse taste to keep my appearance fresh. Other words synonomous with my personality: deceptive, perverse, aimless, sincere. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT