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Welcome to the Magical World of, 'The Borrowash Park Gnomes '

Hi, my name is Freddie Finwick Fisher.

Borrowash is a small village that sits within the boundaries of Derby in the East Midlands of England. There's probably nothing more special about Borrowash than anywhere else in England....

Except one!

It is the home of a group of Gnomes that dwell beneath the grounds of Borrowash Park.

Within, is a complex maze of Victorian looking buildings & streets that make the citadel unique from the human world as we know it now. (In resemblance to the York Castle museum cobbled streets)!


It’s about helping others. Being more understanding. Putting Smiles on faces when you can!

I am a Gnome who's job it is to leave some of my friends on peoples doorsteps so that you might learn good manners and that my friend's also might live with friendly families. You never know, I might, leave one on your doorstep in the middle of the night!

The (real) story behind the Gnomes...

Gnoming (the placing of garden gnomes) started off as a bit of fun and innocent frolics within the community of Borrowash by Jonathan Haywood. With a vested and sincere interest in the well-being of local residents, friends and neighbours, Jonny sought to bring a moment of surprise and light hearted emotion to each recipient. Learning of difficulties and hardships being experienced by people throughout the village, Jonny would place a Gnome on their doorstep signifying that others we’re concerned and had these individuals in their thoughts.

In a very short time the phenomena had spread, gaining considerable local news interest in addition to formidable social media coverage. The identity of the phantom Gnomer remained hidden with only the pseudonym of Freddie Fisher being assumed by Jonny online. Very soon children and even adults would be hopeful of receiving a small addition outside their home.

Please feel free to join us on Facebook & Twitter or even check me & my friends out on our very own website......

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