Freddy Alvarado

More than three decades in the hospitality industry give Freddy J. Alvarado, an experienced edge. He's seen it all, working in every facet of the business from operation to design and administrating new projects. He has degrees in hospitality management, business and finance from the University College of North Wales in Great Britain and the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. Mr. Alvarado served previously as managing director of Melia Hotels’ properties in Venezuela, Iraq and Jordan. He oversaw the company business and operations in Singapore, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Worked as corporate manager for Allegro Resorts Corporation and Omega Resorts both All Inclusive hotel management companies operating hotels across Dominican Republic, Mexico, Tunisia, Kenya, Thailand, Morocco, Saint Kits and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, and Guatemala. He is the current CEO of CEXDE Center for Executive Development.