Freddy Fusion

Magician in Orlando, Florida

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Freddy Fusion UN agency may be a far-famed science magic show at film maker Cruise Line human. Saint Andrew Pogson's career as Freddy Fusion as taken him everywhere the world along side his distinctive complete of magic. as Freddy Fusion, film maker Cruise line formed a strategic partnership with magician Andrew Pogson in hopes to provide an educational twist in their amusement line up.Andrew Pogson as Freddy Fusion has been prime magician over a decade with taking part in on all ships as their Magician. Magician Andrew Pogson Freddy Fusion has together worked with major resorts like imaginary place within the land. additionally as a canadian magician, he has been a crowd favorite at resorts nationwide. He created a mobile stage that tours nationwide presenting a show just like what you'd see as a magician on movie maker Cruise Line. Take a peek at this video from youtube of Freddy Fusion doing magic in an exceedingly spherical of 360 camera's capturing photos and making virtually sort of a flip book.

  • Education
    • Huron University USA in London