Freddy Holmes

Detroit, Michigan

Hello world my names Freddy and there is a million different things that I could tell you about myself but I’m just going to stick with the basics... Ok so where to start?

First and above all else I’m a Filmmaker / Photographer. I love to capture the world within that perfect 4D moment, telling a compiling story, creating an experience that could live on forever.

Second I am a Tech Nerd. Everything from Electrical Engineering, Software Design / Programming, Game Development, to Mechanical Engineering. If it has anything to do with technology then I’m there :)

Third I’m a Musician. Everything about music and setting the mood of someone’s day rather it be happy or sad just inspires me to inspire others. Sending a message through expression of sound and vibration lifting the spirit in such a way, causing a reaction within the mind, a reaction within the body to feel, change, to inspire. Music is life.

Fourth I am a Scientist / Martial Artist & Tracer. Rather it’s Biology, Chemistry, or even Quantum Physics, Science sits at the base of my heart, the thing that makes me hunger for adventure and discovery. Martial Arts & Parkour are also a part of my scientific hunger for you can’t be complete without being in tack with not only your mind but with your body and spirit as well. Connecting theses three things I feel is essential in order to unleash your full human capability.

So yeah there you go that’s the basics it should tell you a small bit about me. Check out my videos on youtube.

  • Education
    • Oakland Community College