Freddy Sans

Texas, United States

What the heck is a Freddy Sans? Well, she's a bad motha (shut yo' mouth...) Just kidding. And, no, I'm not a complicated man. Actually, I'm a lady. This is supposed to be the part where I explain my life story and my accomplishments however, my story is still being written and I still have many things to accomplish. As a singer, one of the first things you learn is that your art may never make you millions... Thankfully, the money was never the motive. Once upon a time, I thought I'd be a Supreme Court Justice. Well...we see where THAT went! Truly, I didn't choose music, it chose me.

I grew up surrounded by music, my mother being a lifelong musician, and I decided at a young age that it wasn't the life for me...or so I thought. Now, I couldn't imagine life without music! I sing to breathe. I write to live. I perform to heal. There is so much power in expression! Music is my medicine and my weapon. It is my fountain of youth and my philosopher's stone.

Now that I've followed this path, I've had some wonderful opportunities to help others with my stories. That's all I want. I want to create music that gives people the space to feel understood. Happiness, Sadness, Love, Lust, Anger, Pain, Melancholy, Giddiness and down right Silliness...we've all felt it before. My ultimate goal is to make quality music that people connect with and are inspired by, and to have a hell of a time doing it. I would love for you to keep up with my journey. I'd also love to witness yours. What do you live for?

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