Freddy See

Born in Salerno, Italy, Freddy See is an upcoming young producer/remixer. As a teenager approaches the world of dance music. His career began in 2011 with some remixes and one release called Dirty, out in November and supported by many international dj's such as Congorock, Promise Land, Matthias Menck and others.In February 2012 the first important achievement: he releases his second track called Black Swan on Cr2 Records, appearing in the huge Miami 2012 Compilation mixed by MYNC and Nicky Romero. Summer 2012 starts really good with a remix for the international dj/producer Alex Guesta, and "Dreamers", a new track released by Cr2 and featured on Space Ibiza Compilation. The new upcoming talents Delayers chooses Freddy See as official remixer of their single "No Name", out on Virus T Studio and he will collaborate with him for a new upcoming track. It will be out also a solo release on Virus T Records.