farts in Canada

Stay at my place

Hi I'm Skye

17, INFP

The only thing I'm decent at is drawing

I'm also a fan of Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Punch-out!!, generally most Nintendo stuff, Cookie Run, knights/soldiers, Napoleon, History/geography, birds and marine life

I try to act tough but I'm actually really sensitive and this account is basically my journal so if you want to follow please keep these things in mind

Though ironically, I have a decently offensive sense of humour. I actually hate making people feel uncomfortable though so if you are sensitive to anything just save us both the trouble and go find someone else to follow

Don't feel guilty ignoring my personal/emotional posts

I'm also one for medical stuff so I might post some gore from time to time. If you're sensitive to that stuff, don't follow

That's it

If you could send a dm to tell me you've actually read this before requesting there's almost no way I won't let you in