Frederic Marcillaud

Value Architect, Business owner, and Business strategist in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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I’ve worked for over 14 years in B2B Sales within the Technology & Services sector. Transport & Logistics, Security logistics, Communications, Human Resources, ICT Services and Serviced Offices. I have always been interested in people, what motivates and inspires them and why some are very successful.

I’ve been fortunate working for large int. companies (DHL, Regus, G4S, Adecco, Alstom, France telecom). I've a keen interest for Business development and new markets. I'm used working with Sales teams. I have an extensive background in Sales & Business Development, Commercial Real Estate, Retail and in the Logistics business with strong commercial communications and networking skills.

Around the world

I've completed multiple International Sales projects since I first started to work. I’ve created an International Network around myself in the last 8 years based on experience and passion for my work. The last 3 and a half years I mainly worked within the Industry & Logistics sector, building up knowledge/ network on HR for Western European companies.

Various Cultures

My passion to communicate with others can be found in my travels (sometimes for business) towards different countries worldwide. The fact I speak 4 different languages helps me in connecting with people and getting to know a culture & it’s cuisine.


I always felt the need to be better. Building up networks and setting my own goals as high as possible and reaching them.Today as entrepreneur I am developing new concepts with Professional Intuition, training & coaching other entrepreneurs & Sales Professionals and connecting people wherever I can.

I have consistently proven myself successful in Sales & Business Development, specializing in achieving more revenue for companies & concept creation. I love to build up long lasting relationships with both customers and colleagues to produce positive results within any (international) environment.

Specialties: Sales Development and Business Strategies (getting more revenue and new customers, reaching new markets), Logistics and Transportation,Real Estate and operational support,HR services and recruitment,Management development,Teambuilding & Team Coaching,Training & Personal Coaching.