Frederick Achom

Entrepreneur in London, United Kingdom

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Frederick Achom is an accomplished businessman who has succeeded in his multi-faceted businesses spread around the globe. Through his Rosemont Group, he has reached out into the business realms of property and real estate development in the UK, specially designed kitchen furnishings from Italy, complete marketing and sales consultation packages, professional investment advice, consulting services for international property management, international restaurants and telecom sales outlets in Africa. He is founder and chairman of the business conglomerate that has its home in the British Virgin Islands. Since 2003 he has developed the business into a profitable firm that boasts a net worth of around $40 million. The "Evening Standard" included Frederick Achom in its selection of the 1,000 most influential individuals in London. The prestigious list, which includes high achievers from various walks of life, comes as a token "thank you" to the many politicians, craftsman, athletes, financial geniuses, musicians, artists and poets who grace the city of London with their energy, talents and creativity.


Achom's familial roots are in Nigeria, though his parents sent him to the best schools in the UK. After graduation, he returned to Nigeria with a plan to enter medical school, but those plans changed as he went back to England to work in the financial services industryWithin a few short years he began established his own firm After that there was no looking back.

Life Motto

With a life slogan of "focus on what youself and be authentic", Frederick Achom has reached great success in his business. He holds onto his dream to convey this same sort of personal achievement to the youth of today.

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